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The e-MINET database is now open for registration.


e-MINET is a new network which brings together all those with an interest in the Measuring the impossible (Mtl) field.  Mtl researchers are from all fields that may have beneficial inputs to an Mtl project and include researchers from many different scientific disciplines, from psychology to metrology to social science.  A contacts database has been set up for registration of interest by: researchers; individuals from funding organisations; the European Commission; and all others with an interest in this type of research.


Why join e-MINET?

There are many benefits to joining the e-MINET network:

  • Access to a network of contacts with an interest in developing the Mtl field
  • Notification of and participation in MINET network events such as workshops and think tanks, where cross-disciplinary discussions, sharing of expertise and development of best practice can take place.

  • Potential of developing new cross-disciplinary collaborations and the potential for developing ideas for new research projects outside of traditional disciplines
  • Access to the MINET Members’ Only website, which provides access to restricted information such as the presentations given at MINET workshops and the MINET training course


Interested? Please register here:



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