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Welcome to the website for the European ‘Measuring the Impossible’ Network.

MINET was established to coordinate activities for ‘Measuring the Impossible (MtI)’ i.e. research in areas of interdisciplinary science aimed at supporting the development of new methods and investigative techniques for the measurement of complex phenomena that are dependent on human perception and/or interpretation. This includes, for example, measurements relating to the perceived attributes of products and services, such as quality or desirability, or the quantification of societal parameters such as security and well-being. It was funded under the EU 6th Framework Programme as a NEST Pathfinder project.

Consortium members ran a variety of projects, and this website provides the means for the widespread dissemination of information on their progress, results, issues and discussions.


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27 January 2010 MINET Final Plenary Meeting
10 – 12 November 2009 4th MINET Workshop
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8 – 9 October 2008 2nd MINET Workshop
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3 – 5 September 2008 Man, Science & Measurement Symposium
26 – 29 August 2008 Measuring Behavior Conference
9 – 11 June 2008 MtITraining Course
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25th September 2007 ERK Conference session on MINET
26th September 2007 1st MINET Workshop
27th September 2007 Think Tank II

Discussion Topic:

Measuring the Impossible after NEST: what are your ideas?

At the last MINET Workshop in Rome, the need was raised by participants to start to outline a new programme (or roadmap, or set of roadmaps), for the continuation of collaborative research in the Measuring the Impossible field after the end of the EU-NEST Pathfinder initiative. It was suggested that such a programme could identify the relevant theories and methods, the instrumentation to be used and developed, the characteristics to be measured (i.e. the measurands) and the relevant application areas.

An Expert Group was established as part of the MINET project to work on this taskand the draft report has now been published (see above).

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