MINET Study Visits, Call 2

Call 2, June 2008 to February 2009 Study Visits

The EU MINET – Measuring the Impossible Network project aims to achieve a long-term integration and advancement of interdisciplinary research and novel investigative methods in Europe. The measurement of multidimensional phenomena mediated by human interpretation and/or perception for measuring properties such as comfort, naturalness, perceived quality, feelings, body language and consciousness is to be advanced. ftp://ftp.cordis.europa.eu/pub/nest/docs/1-nest-measuring-290507.pdf

Researchers of the MINET Network, including the individual ‘Measuring the Impossible’ (MtI) NEST Pathfinder projects were invited to submit applications for financial support to make study visits for the exchange of advanced knowledge on MtI methods. This included both from MtI scientists wishing to visit another partner as well as those wishing to act as hosts. There was some flexibility in the form of study visit – anything ranging from a bilateral ‘one-to-one’ visit between individual scientists up to a visit of a group of researchers to one laboratory.

The secondMINET sub-programme of study visits covered visits during the period June 2008 to February 2009.
Sub-programme coordinator: University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. E-mail address: minet@lmk.fe.uni-lj.si.

Three consecutive sub-programmes of study visits will be arranged during the MINET project.

Measuring the Impossible projects (EU NEST):

BIOEMERGENCES: Towards personalised health
BRAINTUNING: Striking a tune: music and the brain
CLOSED: Exploring sound: the neglected design dimension
COBOL: Science revealing the mysteries of body language
EYEWITMEM: How to lie without trying
FEEL EUROPE: How deep is emotion?
FUGA: Time to measure games appeal
MEMORY: What makes holes in time?
MINDBRIDGE: Consciousness unravelled at last
MONAT: Reproducing nature’s look and feel
PERCEPT: In the eye of the beholder
SOMAPS: Understanding what your skin is saying
SYNTEX: The emotions of texture
SYSPAQ: Improving indoor air and quality of life
And the network MINET: Measurement is the first step to improvement

Study visit reports

Reports on completed study visit will be made available here.


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