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The MINET repository is an online resource containing references to journal papers, books, online articles and other sources in areas of research relevant to the ‘Measuring the Impossible’ (Mtl) theme.

The areas of research referenced in the repository are important for any current and future MtI research project. They are categorised according to the subject areas of “Measurement Domains” and “Scientific Domains”.

The Measurement Domains category has been divided into sections that relate to subjects such as “measurement concepts and terminology”, and “measurement techniques”.

The Scientific Domains category has been divided into sections such as “Man as a Measurement instrument” (where human response is reported by the individual) and “Measuring Man” (where human response is measured using an instrument).

Measurement Domains

  • Measurement concepts & terminology
  • Measurement techniques e.g. fMRI
  • Measurement uncertainty
  • Decision-making & risks
  • Knowledge transfer in “Science of Measurement”
  • Links to e.g. research groups and organisations

Scientific Domains

  • Generic metrology (links contained within the “Measurement Domains” section)
  • Man as a measurement instrument, e.g. sensation, judgement, perceptual scales
  • Measuring man e.g. poverty and social exclusion, sociology of emotions

The MINET repository is actively seeking more references to Measurement Techniques in particular.

Please visit the repository to contribute!

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