Measurements With Persons: Theory, Methods and Implementation Areas




Following the successful MINET training course in 2008, a book is being written that will cover a similar range and depth of interdisciplinary subjects relevant to the Measuring the Impossible research area: “Measurements with Persons: Theory, Methods and Implementation Areas”.

The main aim of the book is to give scientists the opportunity to widen their background knowledge and prepare themselves for the interdisciplinary problems typical of Measuring the Impossible topics.

A tentative outline of the book chapters is shown below.

  1. Measurement across physical and behavioural sciences
  2. Measurement in psychology
  3. Measurements of physical parameters in sensory physics
  4. Measurement in behavioural and social science
  5. Applications of measurement theory
  6. Towards a probabilistic theory of measurement
  7. Experimental and quasi experimental methods
  8. Multivariate measurements
  9. Towards a theory of identification with infinite dimensional pattern spaces
  10. The idea that launched a thousand experiments reconsidered
  11. Foundations of universal Fechnerian scaling
  12. Neural networks and fuzzy sets, fuzzy logic
  13. Measuring and reconstructing multiscale dynamics
  14. Psychological measurement for sound description and evaluation
  15. Skin senses and haptic perception
  16. Smell, food and taste
  17. Visual perception
  18. Functional brain imaging
  19. Body language
  20. Emotions
  21. Risk assessment and decision making

Release Date

We are pleased to announce that Taylor and Francis will publish the interdisciplinary MINET book their Psychological series.

The book is foreseen to be released in 2010. People in the e-MINET community will be advised of the publication and further details will be given in the next issue of the MINET Newsletter.

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