University of Ljubljana


The University of Ljubljana was founded in 1919 and at that time already included a Technical Faculty with an electrical-engineering department. Since then, it has grown and expanded, so that today it consists of 20 Faculties, 3 Academies and 3 University Colleges. At present, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering has approximately 1900 students and employs 27 full professors, 11 associate professors, 12 assistant professors, 4 senior lecturers, 61 teaching assistants, etc. The Laboratory of Metrology and Quality (LMK) is responsible for measurement and testing courses at the Faculty. LMK is part of the Slovenian National Metrology Institute (MIRS). It holds the Slovenian national standards for thermodynamic temperature and relative humidity. LMK coordinates the Quality Engineering Study Programme at the University of Ljubljana. Apart from temperature measurements, activities in LMK are focused on general metrology (all aspects of scientific, legal and industrial metrology), uncertainty calculations, courses on measurement theory and metrology, measurement of physical quantities, biomedical instrumentation, etc. It comprises 14 academic staff and 2 postgraduate students.

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