SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden/SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut


 SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden – with over 850 employees – is a leading international institute promoting interdisciplinary innovation of importance to industry and society. SP develops and disseminates technology to assist the development and competitiveness of industry, to improve safety in society, to support sustainable development and to help protect the environment. The main task of SP Measurement Technology is to ensure measurement quality at all laboratory and industrial levels. SP has a unique national role in being appointed by the Swedish State as the national metrology institute, with responsibility for maintaining and developing the primary measurement standards, measurement methods and techniques of estimating measurement uncertainty in order to ensure quality-assured measurement in all sectors.

Projects within SP in the area of Measurement with Human Interpretation include: (i) indoor environment and mould; (ii) thermal comfort; (iii) ease of package opening; (iv) visual assessment of different materials and photometry; (v) assessment of sound quality etc. SP is also developing new methodologies for the estimation of measurement uncertainty in multivariate situations such as are common in the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as pioneering new optimised uncertainty methodologies defining a ‘fit for purpose’ level of measurement. Such methodologies come close to giving an objective basis for making decisions of conformity even when only qualitative inspection is made in panel testing of product.

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