Laboratory of Citizenship Sciences


Laboratory of Citizenship Sciences is an independent, not-for-profit association of researchers, knowledge managers and research designers founded in 1992 and based in Rome (Italy).

Putting together knowledge and policy-making, bringing social research into the scientific and technological research arena, and contributing to the development of a new citizenship science: these are the key features of LSC’s mission.

For more than ten years the association has been operating in Italy and Europe-wide with projects in the following thematic areas: science and society; global phenomena; public policies; health and services; social inclusion; crisis of institutions and political systems; integrated scientific project design and management.

In LSC’s view society, science and technology develop in a single co-evolutionary process. However, awareness of such interplay is still low among decision makers and scientists, and consequently attitudes and policies are not yet developed. LSC therefore seeks to contribute to a better governance of research by promoting the “socialisation” of science. Moreover, LSC aims to strengthen sociology’s place in what is increasingly perceived as a single scientific field, encompassing natural and social sciences.

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