Helsinki School of Economics


The Center for Knowledge and Innovation Research (CKIR) at the Helsinki School of Economics is an international multidisciplinary research center. The research focus is on interdisciplinary research in organization, management, innovation, social sciences, contextual perception, cognition and emotion. The operational model emphasizes close co-operation with industry partners and international network of universities.

CKIR promotes, through international multidisciplinary scientific research, knowledge and innovation-based renewal and growth of companies and societies, locally and globally. The issues of knowledge, creativity and innovation are addressed from individual, social, organizational and technological viewpoints.

Core competencies:
* User experience research (emotion, attention, learning, presence), personalization and individual differences, form and design of Information/UIs/devices, context sensitivity
* Mobility research at work
* Knowledge creation, innovation and organizational renewal
* Business models and new value creation
* Facilitation of collaborative Living Lab research for context aware and user centric applications and services for mobile users/workers/residents/citizen

Project leader for FUGA


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