CURE, Centre for Usability Research & Engineering


CURE is one of Europe’s leading organisations in the area of User Experience Research comprising the fields of Usability Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), User Interface Design and Ergonomics. CURE has been working on the development and application of user centred design methodologies, innovative user interfaces and natural interaction environments for almost 15 years. Active in several application domains, CURE has gained outstanding multidisciplinary experience in various and complex application domains. CURE comprises a highly interdisciplinary team assembling all skills of contributing disciplines such as computer science, psychology, sociology, pedagogy, didactics, design, architecture, communication science or management science.

CURE is equipped with a leading edge and highly flexible user experience laboratory (including various mobile equipment) comprising the whole range of most advanced usability research and demonstration facilities. CURE uses a static and a mobile eye tracking system.

CURE’s role within MINET is manifold. CURE brings in user experience methods which range from the measurement of different user experience factors to the measurement of emotions and eye gaze patterns. Furthermore, CURE will establish a bridge between the multidisciplinary MINET consortium and the HCI-community aiming for a stronger change of ideas and views.

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