Announcement of MINET Workshop 2

AWARENESS, PERCEPTION AND INTERPRETATION: measurements vis-a-vis the complexity of life

October 8th-9th, 2008

Workshop objectives and contents

This workshop is part of a series of events (workshops and sessions at conferences) organised within the framework of the MINET (Measuring the Impossible NETwork) project, funded by the European Commission – 6th Framework Programme of Scientific and Technological Research. MINET aims to achieve a long-term integration and advancement of interdisciplinary research and novel investigative methods for the measurement of multidimensional, complex phenomena which are mediated by the human perception and/or interpretation – so called ‘Measuring the Impossible’ (MtI) research.

MINET workshops aim at achieving a deeper and wider understanding of the themes under investigation in the MtI field. They are a valuable opportunity for an exchange and transfer of knowledge among researchers with an interest in this topic, and especially between the various projects funded under the New and Emerging Science and Technology (NEST)– Measuring the Impossible programme.

The complexity of the investigated and measured phenomena is a feature shared by all MtI projects, which have human beings as objects of study or as measuring instruments. The scientific study of topics such as haptic, visual or auditory perception, emotions, the mind-brain relationship, differences among individuals, quality of environments, products and services, and so on, poses remarkable challenges to scientists. MtI projects are meeting these challenges on both a methodological level – by developing theories, models and techniques for measurement – and a substantive scientific level – by producing relevant results in their respective research fields.

The Rome workshop will be an occasion to share advancements, findings and achievements of projects, as well as problems encountered and solutions worked out, in an unrestricted dialogue among the disciplines, inter-disciplines and application areas of the physical, natural, psychological and social sciences that are involved in the MtI field.

Each project funded under the EU NEST “Measuring the Impossible” programme is expected to contribute to the Workshop with a presentation of their progress and results achieved so far.

The workshop is open to everyone to attend to learn more about the Measuring the Impossible projects and participate in discussions.

Further information

Further information can be found on the MINET website. Please click here.


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