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MINET Training Course 2008: Theory and methods of measurements with persons

9-11 June 2008

Palazzo del Principe, Genova, Italy


‘Measurements with Persons’ are measurements to characterise complex quantities and qualities that depend on human perception and interpretation. Providing a means for reproducible measurement of perceptual responses such as pleasure and pain, the perceived attributes of products and services, such as quality or desirability, or the quantification of societal parameters such as security and well-being, has important implications in many areas of commerce, industry, science, medicine and society.
Progress in this area requires the cross-linking of developments across a variety of disciplines, encompassing the physical, biological, psychological and social sciences, for example. Effective collaboration and exchange of information between these areas is essential in order to meet the ever-increasing demand for valid measurements as the basis for decision making.

The course ‘Theory and Methods of Measurements with Persons’ is intended for senior scientists with an interest in understanding and measuring human perceptual responses and behaviours. It will be held in Genova, Italy, in June 2008, organised as a part of an European coordination action, MINET: Measuring the Impossible Network.

In the first part, generic theoretical and methodological issues will be explored, including the conceptual basis of measurement and the approach to experimentation in the various fields involved, the development of formal, representational and probabilistic, theories, and theories and methods for multidimensional problems. In the second part of the course, several application areas will be presented, including sound, visual, touch and smell perception, brain imaging, body language and emotions, and, finally, the use of measurements in decision making.




For full details of the course, incuding an application form, please visit:


Palazzo del Principe

Palazzo del Principe

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