Measuring the virtual

According to this article in Nature some social rules (such as personal space) map over into artificial realities, hence virtual worlds (in this case Second Life) will offer a new platform for doing experiments.

Here is the original paper on which the Nature article was based. And here is a blog with some comments questioning the researchers’ interpretations. Here is another blog with commentary.

One Response to Measuring the virtual

  1. vrider says:

    Thanks for the refs,
    Yee el al. have done a great job. Recently, Yee published articles in PRESENCE and in Game & Culture. Worth reading. Check them out:

    Yee, N. (2006). The Demographics, Motivations, and Derived Experiences of Users of Massively Multi-User Online Graphical Environments. Presence, 15 (3), 294-308

    Ducheneaut, N., Yee, N., Nickell, E., & Moore, J. R. (2006). Building an MMO with Mass Appeal: A Look at Gameplay in World of Warcraft, Games and Culture, 1, 281-317.

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